Remote Control EN22654H , EN-22654HS , 174549 for HISENSE TV Models :32K220W, 40K220PW, 50K220PW, 55K220PW

HISENSE TV Replacement Remote Control---- NO Programming required--Insert Battery 2X (AAA) - ready to go---- 2 Year Warranty
SKU: 90-471
Manufacturer part number: EN22654H , EN-22654HS , 174549
$31.00 incl tax

HISENSE TV Replacement Remote Control  

Models Covered :

32K220W, 40K220PW, 50K220PW, 55K220PW 

Number on Remote Control:  

EN22654H , EN-22654HS , 174549

2 Year  Warranty  

NO Programming required

Insert Battery 2X (AAA) - ready to go


Product specifications
Model/s covered HISENSE : 32K220W, 40K220PW, 50K220PW, 55K220PW
Application TV Remote Control
Number on Remote Control Hisense : EN-22654HS, EN22654H , 174549