Remote Control for EN-31605A, EN31605A ,1058564 HISENSE TV Models : HL106V68PZ With Serial # Above HI9702500-L4205

HISENSE TV Replacement Remote Control---------------------------------------- NO Programming required--Insert Battery 2X (AAA) - ready to go----------- 2 Year Warranty--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Note: This Hisense TV model HL106V68PZ has 2 different remotes with 2 different serial numbers , this remote control is for Hisense TVs with serial numbers ABOVE HI9702500-L4205 If the serial number is BELOW HI9702500-L4205 you need the EN-32962HS
SKU: 90-471
Manufacturer part number: EN-31605A, EN31605A ,1058564 with Serial Nos. above HI9702500-L4205
$31.00 incl tax

HISENSE TV Replacement Remote  

Only For Hisense TV Model HL106V68PZ with Serial Nos. above HI9702500-L4205
If Serial No below HI9702500-L4205
Order R/Control EN-32962HS

No on Remote Control:  

EN-31605A,  EN31605A ,1058564

2 Year  Warranty  

NO Programming required

Insert Battery 2X (AAA) - ready to go


Product specifications
Model/s covered HISENSE HL106V68PZ With Serial # Above HI9702500-L4205
Application TV Remote Control
Number on Remote Control Hisense : EN-31605A, EN31605A ,1058564