25 µF 450VAC

MOTOR START - MOTOR RUN CAPACITOR as used in Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, AC Motors, Washing Machines, Water Pumps, Lighting, etc. TYPE B with 25cm open-ended Leads (blue/brown)
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TYPE  B      with 25cm open-ended Leads (blue/brown)

Product specifications
Value 25 µF 450V AC
Dimensions (in mm) Ø 40 x H 92..........[height excludes studs & terminals]
Dielectric Metalized Polypropylene Film
Filling Fire-retardant Epoxy Resin
Housing Fire-retardant Epoxy Resin
Shape Cylindrical
Working Voltage 450 V AC
Maximum Voltage 500 V AC
Temperature Range -25ºC to +85ºC
Tolerance ± 5%
Life @ 450VAC 10,000 hours
Life @ 500VAC 1,000 hours
Inductance Non - Inductive
Stud Mounting via supplied nut + washer
Termination 25 cm open-ended leads, blue/brown
RoHs Yes
Warranty 12 Months